iOS Devloper & Designer


^ I lost my head in San Fransisco

^ I lost my head in San Fransisco



Hey, I'm Dominic!

I'm an iOS developer from a small town in South Dakota. Right now, I'm pursuing a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, I'm involved in Penn Labs, which is a student-run group that makes stuff for the student body, like Penn Course Review and Penn Mobile. I also teach computer science to kids in West Philly, and I box with Penn Boxing whenever I have the time.

I love to play my guitar (his name is Ford), write about nothing, and listen to old MBMBaM episodes. I really enjoy a good rainstorm, a good book, and good mozzarella. My dream is to live in the pacific northwest, wear lots of flannels, and own an old motorcycle.

I'm passionate about education, and the potential of technology to help us learn. We carry around devices that have instant access to the entire wealth of human knowledge, but most of us (myself included) just use them to rewatch The Office on Netflix for the 15th time. A few companies are doing amazing things to change how people think about education, and it's my dream to be a part of that.

Resume and/or coffee available upon request.